A Guide to Planning Your Child’s Cake Smash Session

First birthdays are a milestone worth celebrating, and what better way to commemorate this special occasion than with a cake smash photo session? A cake smash session is a fun and adorable photoshoot where your little one gets to dive into a delicious cake and make a delightful mess while capturing priceless moments on camera. In this blog post, we’ll explore everything you need to know to plan the perfect cake smash session for your child.

Choose the Right Time:

Cake smash sessions are typically scheduled around your child’s first birthday, but I recommend that you plan the session a few weeks before their actual birth date. This allows you to use the images on social media to post their birthday, and display at their party. Consider your child’s temperament and schedule the session during a time when they are well-rested and most likely to be in a good mood. Keep in mind that sessions usually last about an hour, so plan accordingly.

Choosing a timeless theme:

While the focus of the session is on the cake smash itself, incorporating a timeless theme can add an extra layer of simplistic, organic childhood to your images. Whether it’s choosing soft neutral colors, or a specific theme like florals, I always love to recommend neutral, soft color tones for the professional photos- and save your birthday party theme, favorite characters, and bright colors for when your sweetie does the cake smash at home with all her loved one’s around at the party!

Find the Perfect Location:

Cake smash sessions can take place indoors or outdoors, depending on your preference and the time of year. If you choose an indoor location, you can consider doing this at a beautiful studio location, or I also offer my clients the “studio to you” option, where I bring a white backdrop and stand to your home, and we decorate it and have the cake smash in your own home! If you prefer to be outside, outdoor locations such as parks or gardens can provide beautiful natural scenery and plenty of space for your child to explore and enjoy their cake.

Select the Cake:

The second star of the show after your sweetie is, of course, the cake! Choose a cake that is visually appealing and safe for your child to eat. Opt for a small cake with soft frosting that is easy for your child to smash and dig into. Consider your child’s dietary restrictions and preferences when selecting the flavor and ingredients of the cake. I tend to think soft neutral colored frosting photographs well, as it doesn’t stain their fingers and faces and clothing. 

Prepare Your Child:

Before the session, prepare your child for the cake smash experience by introducing them to the idea of smashing and playing with the cake. Let them touch and explore the cake beforehand to familiarize themselves with the texture and taste. Dress them in a cute outfit that you don’t mind getting messy, and have plenty of wipes and towels on hand for cleanup afterward. I also recommend having a large trashbag on hand to toss out the wipes and the remnants of the cake that cannot be salvaged afterward! If you are choosing to do your cake smash in home, then I recommend undressing your child at the scene of the smash- and bringing them directly to the bath tub! I stay and clean up the backdrop area while you clean your cutie.

Capture the Moment:

During the cake smash session, let your child take the lead and explore the cake at their own pace. Encourage them to dig in, make a mess, and have fun! Be ready to capture candid moments of joy and excitement as they enjoy their first taste of cake. Your photographer will capture all the messy, adorable moments on camera, resulting in priceless memories that you’ll cherish for years to come. I always encourage you to join in at the end and get some fun, playful moments of celebrating your baby’s first year of life, too!

A cake smash session is a delightful way to celebrate your child’s first birthday and capture precious memories that you’ll treasure forever. By following these tips and planning ahead, you can ensure that your cake smash session is a fun and memorable experience for your child and the whole family. So get ready to let them eat cake and create sweet memories that will last a lifetime!

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