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 I'm Trisha, I am a wife, a mother to three beautiful children, a lover of authentic, heartfelt moments and beautiful relationships. I believe my passion for serving and empowering Women goes hand in hand with  photographing Maternity sessions, Births, Motherhood and Female Brands. They all have something really special in common... love and empowerment.. in it's purest, most beautiful form, one you never dreamed was possible until you've felt it yourself.
My three children, Beckham, Leighton + Callahan are my biggest blessings. I never knew how much I could love until each time you three were placed in my arms, screaming and all kinds of beautiful. 
I would describe my style as warm, simple, timeless and organic. My goal is to not only provide you with images you'll cherish for a lifetime, but to also become friends along the way!

i'm so glad you are here!

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I started out loving photography as a high school student, but let my interests in a fun hobby slip to the wayside as I pursued my career in nursing. Once I met my hubby, and we had our first child, I really wanted to relearn my old camera- much like most mama's, I wanted to capture all the sweetest little details of his life. Once our daughter was born, I really began to get out of my introverted comfort zone, and start photographing Maternity sessions. I am such an advocate for all things Maternity and Birth, it just feels so right. Ever since I put myself out to the universe that this is what I love, and what brings me joy, I've met the most amazing clients that have now become friends. Photographing your life's most precious and intimate moments is such a fulfilling job to have!
My husband has been my biggest supporter of my dreams. Both personally and professionally. He's supported me through natural childbirth, launching a business, raising three babies, and countless other obstacles that life throws our way. Plus, he's in charge of our sweet little circus while I'm away at sessions; and since my love language is acts of service, he's pretty much killin it! Many of my most favorite memories are printed off in family yearbooks that we look through with our kiddos on our laps. Images of our own Engagement session, Wedding, Maternity, and Family moments. It's the most precious time, seeing their little fingers pointing to the pages as they ask sweet little questions about our lives. I hope to give this same experience to my clients. Heirloom images, one's that you want printed, in family yearbooks, that as you read them with your future babies, their little fingertips smudge the pages as you relive your life's memories, chubby little tushies in your lap and all   

xo - Trisha

me +my why

I'm an extroverted introvert.
yes, that's a thing!

I'm a homebody

my favorite days are the kind where i get to be home with my babies, making memories

i dream of someday having a farm. We have chickens. But I dream of having a cow and pigs, and a pile of adorable yellow lab puppies!

i'm a birth worker. supporting and empowering women through childbirth will always be a passion of mine

i used to say i wanted five kids. we have three, and i've already lost my marbles. but, gosh, they're so dang cute

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