5 Tips to Nail Your Photo Sesh!

5 Tips to Nail Your Photo Sesh!

It’s no secret that planning a photography session can be super stressful! Especially if you are planning outfits and accessories for not only you, and your significant other, but also your little’s!

So I thought I’d make a quick list on how to nail your photo sesh so you can relax and enjoy your shoot!

1. Find a Photographer whose style speaks to you. 

You love that light and airy style, get it girl!

You prefer dark and moody, with tons of emotion, find it!

Classic black and white’s speak to your soul? That’s awesome!

Every photographer is not an expert on every type of photography. Most have a brand, a style of imagery they call their own. 

Search some local hashtags, follow them on instagram, and see what their style is all about. If you can see yourself loving your images, book them!

Bonus points if you also feel like you could be BFF’s!

2. Schedule your session during Golden hour! This is the 60-90 minutes before sunset, or just after sunrise where the light is soft, glowy, and dreamy!

3. Coordinate with your cutie(s).

This is one of my favorite topics to talk with my clients about!

Because I value my clients LOVING their images and feeling their absolute best for the session, I send ALL of my clients a complimentary, TRP Portrait Session Style Guide!

I’ll let you in on some of the secret’s though!

For Women:

 Soft, flowy dresses or skirts photograph beautifully on camera.

They add movement to a photograph, bring it life, and make you feel beautiful!

Pairing your dress with a pretty heel helps elongate your legs, and adding in a nice statement piece like a layered necklace, flower crown, or jacket adds that perfect touch.

There’s no such thing as too dressed up for a photo shoot!

For Men: 

Pick an outfit you’d wear to date night. Like a nice button down, or soft Tee paired with chino pants, or dark jeans. 

Closed toed shoes always photograph well and compliment your pants!

Adding in an extra element will really pull your look together. Have a blazer from a suit? Bring it! A cool bow tie? Suspenders? A Watch?

All those extra pieces will add a lot of interest to your look!

For Little’s:

I always recommend having each little in their own color family. For instance, your girl gets a blush dress, and your boy get’s navy pants and a light blue top. 

Each family member having their own color scheme, that compliment each other looks great on camera! 

The same rules apply as adults. Cute chunky necklace, YAS. Little bow ties, Bring ’em. The more details, the merrier!

4. Extra’s to bring to your shoot.

If you have little’s, ALL THE SNACKS. Preferably, one’s that won’t stain their mouth’s silly colors, but will also keep them fed, happy, and possibly work as a bribe. Because let’s be honest. Kid’s know it’s photo shoot time, and sometime’s will do everything in their power not to smile!

WATER. Especially here in Arizona. Both for little’s and yourselves. Everyone is happier when you aren’t thirsty!

Comfy shoes. If you wore those adorable heels, you’ll want something to swap into when walking to different locations during the photo shoot. 


Seriously. You’ve already done your research. You found the photographer whose style speaks to you. You planned out some killer outfits. You have details to make your photo’s shine even brighter. You thought of the extra’s to make your session run smoothly. 

Now it’s time to just relax! Let your photographer capture your love, laughter, and joy! After all, that’s the whole point of your session! You’ll have images you love and memories to keep!


Oh ya, and don’t forget to be instagram friends with your photographer- she’ll want to see your stories, and memories long after your session is over!



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