5 Tips & Tricks to Nail Your Fall Family Portraits!

5 Tips & Tricks to Nail Your Fall Family Portraits!

Look, I get it.

Trying to plan out what to wear to flatter yourself, then finding outfits for the kids to coordinate, then getting your husband on board to even take pictures…not to mention, then bribing the kids to behave during your session… Let’s just say, it can be overwhelming!

I’m here to help!

Here are 5 Tips & Tricks to totally nail your fall family portraits and leave your session feeling like you killed it!

1.    Pick your outfit first

As Mama, you get first dibs on feeling fabulous!

What you wear, and how you feel in it, comes across on camera. So find something that makes you feel beautiful and OWN it, girl!

(If you need tips on what looks great on Camera- Check out this blog post!)

Once you’ve found your outfit, then you can start looking for outfits with colors that tie in to yours for your cuties and your honey!

2.    Choose a different base color for everyone

Picking colors that coordinate well together, but aren’t exactly the same adds interest to your photo’s and gives each person a little something extra!

For instance; you found a pretty blush number you feel gorgeous in? Have your daughter wear ivory as her base, your son wear light blue and your hubby wear navy. They all compliment each other as a color family, but not everyone is matchy matchy.

3.    Plan ahead

Know what time your session starts, & make sure to have plenty of time when you arrive to put the kids in their outfits.

I’m a mama too, so I get it.

It never fails that if you dress the kids in something nice, they spill something, wrinkle everything, and cry about it the entire way to where ever you’re going.

I like to tell my kids before we go that we are doing something very special and we will change into our special outfits when we arrive.

It also helps to have full bellies when you arrive! Hungry kiddos turn into children you’ve never seen before amiright? #hangry

I always encourage bringing little treats as well!  Smarties, or their fav treat that won’t dye their mouth’s silly colors and are relatively easy to eat quickly are good choices!

 Here in Arizona it’s not going to come as a surprise that I’d say this, but it’s important, so I will.


4.    Be Flexible

As photographers we know that kids can be shy, extra silly, or even refuse photo’s altogether when the time comes.

We have lots of ideas up our sleeves to help with these scenarios.

Your job will just be to relax, have fun, and keep smiling!

Eventually we will capture those adorable smiles you’re dreaming of for your Christmas cards!

It sometimes takes a little work to get there, but it’s always easier when parents are having fun and not too stressed!

I promise, your photographer is not judging you or your parenting style based on how your kids are or are not when in front of a camera and meeting a totally new person!

5.    Have FUN!

This is oftentimes the only photo’s families get done every year. It’s just as important to have fond memories of, and fun during your session, as it is to have a few cute photographs to share with family!

Bonus points- Make some super fun dinner plans or go out for a special dessert date after your session! You’re all dressed up and gorgeous, the whole fam is looking great, take advantage!!

Can’t wait to see you this Fall for your Family Portraits!


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