About Me: Who is Trisha Rose Photography!?

About Me: Who is Trisha Rose Photography !?

I’m Trisha, the gal behind the lens here at Trisha Rose Photography!

I’m a wife. A mama. A labor and delivery nurse. A vanilla Latte lover. A hashtag over-user. A Starbucks snob that spends too much time (& money) at Target.

I connect with myself, and with others through my photography. It helps me feel creative. Rooted to who I am. Who I was before I was mama. & helps remind me to be true to me as my life evolves & I try to stay on top of all my duties. There can sometimes be what feels like an impossible amount of things to do as a mother, a wife, an entrepreneur, and nursing professional!

I’m a huge believer in community over competition. Not only in photography. But in life. Motherhood is hard, being a wife is hard, being an entrepreneur is hard. Having other’s that are walking, jogging, or sprinting along side me on this journey is so awesome! They often remind me to stop comparing myself to others. To have grace with myself. With my progress. They help me to learn my craft, to be happy with where I am, & to strive to be better as I get where I’m going.

If you’re reading this, I bet you are one of the amazing people I’m referring to. Part of my community. My tribe. & I’m so so thankful to have you here!

My hope along this journey is to not only share pretty pictures with you, but to become friends. To share stories. To encourage each other through our seasons of life and always remind each other that we are worthy, we are part of something bigger, and that we aren’t in it alone!

Meet my family. Micah, my #hothubby of five years, our son Beckham, our daughter Leighton, + our newest furry member, Walter.

 I feel like a circus ring leader most days, but I love them fiercely & wouldn’t change a thing!


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