The How To’s of an in Home Lifestyle Shoot

The How To’s of an In Home Lifestyle Shoot

Here in Arizona, things get warm in the summer. So it’s always a good idea to have your photography session indoors!

Worried your house won’t look “picture perfect”?

Here are some tips to get those studio style portraits, in the comfort of your own home!

1. Watch for the light

The week of your session, watch the light carefully in your home. You want to take note of when it’s the brightest in your home, without any harsh sun spots on the floors or walls. Just nice, even light in the rooms you plan to be photographing in! In my own home, this tends to be around 9-11 AM.

2. Simplify your space

Pick the 1-2 rooms you think have the best light in them, and declutter them!

Keep things simple in each room, that way, you will stand out in the images, just like it should be!

3. Pick Light and Airy outfits

What you wear has A LOT to do with how your images turn out!

If you are looking for that bright, light and airy style, then pick outfits that represent that!

White, ivory, blush, + soft muted colors will achieve this look. Pairing that with the tips above, you’ll have an in home studio look in no time!

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