A Soft Sunset Desert Maternity Session | Haley

A Soft Sunset Desert Maternity Session | Haley

Soft Sunset, Arizona Desert, Maternity photography

What inspires you?

What sets your heart on fire with excitement, passion, joy?

For me, it’s photographing clients like Haley. Maternity sessions with raw and real moments. Desert sunsets that take your breath away. Bare feet in the sand. Warmth on our faces. A breeze tousling her dress. Quiet moments between shots, where I can just take in her beauty.

This Maternity session was so good for my soul. Haley was beyond beautiful in every way. We talked on our little hike to our location, we saw some pretty, wild, javelinas- and had to wait them out to get to our gorgeous destination. We excitedly discussed how her baby girl will be here so soon! She glowed, I ooh’d+aahh’d as she did every little thing, because it was just too gorgeous to be true! I feel so beyond blessed to have captured these memories for Haley.

Soft Sunset Desert Maternity Session, Arizona Photographer

A Soft Sunset Desert Maternity Session, arizona desert, Maternity Session in the Desert

Arizona Desert Maternity Session Soft Sunset glow, Arizona Maternity Photography Session

Sunset Maternity Session in the soft arizona desert

Soft Sunset in the Arizona Desert Maternity Session

A soft Sunset, Desert Maternity Session, desert vibes, soft tones

Soft Tones, Desert Maternity Session

A Note to Haley,

Girrrrrrrl, you are so darn gorgeous! I can not wait to see you mother this sweet little girl! She is blessed to be loved by such an amazing woman, wife, and mother. You are the perfect mama to her already. I am so excited to watch your heart expand as you learn to mother and love two babies. When you see Braxton holding her, when her daddy falls in love like never before, gosh, these moments, they’re coming so soon for you! It’s the sweetest season mama! So proud of you already!


Desert Maternity Session, Soft Sunset, Desert Tones, Arizona Maternity Photographer

Desert Maternity Session, Soft Sunset, Desert Tones

Desert Maternity Session, Soft Sunset, Light and Airy Film Photographer

A Soft Desert Tone, Sunset Maternity Session

Desert Maternity Session, Arizona Sunset, Soft desert glow

Arizona Film Photographer, Desert Maternity Session

Desert Sunset Maternity Session, Soft neutral tones


Sunset Desert Maternity session, soft film tones, arizona maternity photographer

Soft Sunset Desert Tones, Arizona Maternity Photography

Arizona Desert, soft sunset maternity session


Photography | Trisha Rose Photography

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