A Dreamy Lakeside Family Session | The Kellogg’s

A Dreamy Lakeside Family Session

The Kellogg’s

Mesa, Arizona

Woah. This family. They are just so joyful, fun, relaxed, and full of love! I am the luckiest gal on the planet to have gotten to photograph their destination family session, again! The Kellogg’s are from Colorado, and they planned a short and sweet little getaway to Arizona for Fall Break. When Gina asked me if I could fit them in my Fall Schedule, I said HECKYAS, because, I mean, LOOK AT THEM!

Putting looks aside, I always have the literal best time ever with this bunch! They are always up for fun locations, squeezing on to a teeny dock, as a large family, and trusting me that none of us would fall in to the water during all the fun poses we did!

Gina, per usual, totally nailed their outfit choices! Planning outfits for a big family is no small task!

The creamy neutral color palette, soft flowing dresses, and dressed up look for the guy’s was a gorgeous compliment to family photo’s by the Lake and in the Arizona Desert!

We had a cool, breezy day for their session, and the sunset did not disappoint! The breeze on the lake softly blew the girl’s dresses and touseled their hair, giving the most beautiful movement in the photographs. The girl’s were so cute and kicked off their shoes mid session to have a little fun! Once I knew we had a wrap on lakeside photo’s- I asked if they would be willing to stop at a pretty little desert spot I saw on the drive and thought *might be* just gorgeous, especially with their neutral color palette…

I LOVE when clients are trusting with locations, and are totally up for savoring every last second of sunset, glowy light with me!

Arizona is so full of diverse, gorgeous landscapes. The desert is so soft and beautiful, lending earthy tones and warm light. The perfect backdrop for a destination family session!

To the Kellogg Family,

Gosh, guys! Thank you so much for trusting me to capture your destination family photo’s again this year! I sincerely LOVE photographing you guys, and spending time with you! Watching your joyful family dynamic in action, and oohing and ahhing over your epic wardrobe choices! Like seriously, how do you totally nail coordinating 6 people’s outfits and look THISGOOD? You are a design genius Gina, and I love it! Maybe, just maybe, someday I’ll venture to Colorado and force you to let me photograph you THERE! But until then, I will happily find new, fun, pretty desert locations here in Arizona to photograph you in!


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