A Scottsdale Desert Proposal | Hunter & Madison

A Scottsdale Desert Proposal

Hunter & Madison

Spring Desert Proposal in Scottsdale arizona

Spring in the desert is such a dreamy time of year. The Lee family booked a session to get family photo’s for the first time since Taylor and Madison were little! Unknowingly to her, Madison’s boyfriend Hunter was planning a proposal with her sister Taylor during their family photo’s. Being part of such a surprise was SO fun! We chose a dreamy Scottsdale, Arizona, desert location, with large boulders- where Hunter and Madison could be secluded while he proposed.

We started their family session per usual. They came dressed in gorgeous spring tones, and were all so excited for their first family photo’s in YEARS. We planned ahead of time to do all their family photo’s first! I suggested to then do individuals of each person, and then “couples” photo’s, saving Hunter and Madison for last.

Each set of couples photo’s, I pulled them away from the family unit, near the large boulders and then brought them back. Hoping Madison wouldn’t suspect a thing when it was her and Hunter’s turn.

Madison’s dad had the ring in his pocket the whole session, so she wouldn’t accidentally see or feel it in Hunter’s pocket!

Just before their turn, my second shooter set up her cell phone, in a groove of the boulder, so we could video the whole proposal for them-while also photographing it! Madison’s sister, Taylor, pretended to fix Madison’s hair as their dad snuck the ring box to Hunter.  Then they all went to the other side of the boulders to “not be in the photo”. My second shooter got in place to capture her reaction, as I stood in front of her explaining some “new pose” we were trying where Hunter would run up from behind her, wrap her in a hug and spin her around….making it totally normal that Hunter was behind her- waiting for me to tell him to go!

 As Hunter was supposed to run up and hug her-  he got down on one knee behind her and softly called her name.

She turned around and the tears started flowing! The sweetest moments occured, as Hunter told Madison his true feelings, and asked her to Marry him. She, of course, said YES!

Newly FIANCE’D!!!! Their family, on the other side of the boulders were all in tears, as they heard Madison’s excited, tear filled “YES”! They came around the corner and embraced in huge congratulatory hugs! Then, they all got a look at her STUNNING ring!!

Her parents brought a champagne toast and flowers in the trunk of their car, as a surprise cheers! Hunter and Madison popped the bottle’s, shared kisses, and we all cheered! They poured a glass for everyone, INCLUDING US, How insanely thoughtful is that?!?!? Taylor gave the sweetest sister speech, thanking God for a new brother, and blessing their Engagement! Madison’s parents beamed as they looked at the newly engaged couple, with tears in their eyes, her mother said “I’ve waited so long for a son, and he’s here!”

I asked Madison’s dad if Hunter asked permission, as tradition goes. He said Hunter was such a gentleman and of course asked his permission. Her dad has been holding onto the ring in preparation for the proposal, he had it hidden at their home all the time they waited!

We took some time to capture some more couple’s photo’s of Madison and Hunter, as Fiance’s, and some close up’s of her ring!! Then we captured some more family photo’s- they are the cutest! Everyone was just so joyful!! After the session, Hunter had booked dinner and a hotel stay to further surprise Madison! So cute!

To the Lee family, Hunter, and Madison-

Thank you so much for allowing me to be part of such an extremely special moment in your lives! I absolutely LOVED planning your proposal with Hunter and Taylor! It was so fun to see how everyone came together in your family to make your dream proposal day come true! The amount of overwhelming love and excitement for the two of you, was heart warming to see! I agree with Taylor during her speech, I pray your lives together will be blessed, and I am so happy for you!!


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