Summer Desert Maternity Session | The Alexander Family

Summer Desert Maternity Session

The Alexander Family

Arizona Desert Maternity Session, Summer Maternity Session, Arizona Maternity Photographer

The Alexander family are celebrating expecting their third baby, a boy, early this summer! To capture these memories, they chose to have their Family Maternity Session in the stunning Arizona Desert!

There was a soft breeze blowing, rustling Brooke’s hair and dress, as the sun set behind the mountains.

We were gifted wonderful weather to work with, and the kiddos were SO well behaved! We had fun exploring in the desert, and grabbing some family portraits! A color palette filled with hues of blue, to celebrate baby brother, a perfect glowy sunset, and so much love to share; it was the perfect session!

Brooke chose to change dresses for some solo photo’s as the kids went to explore with their dad! Dress number two was a gorgeous ivory, and it caught the wind so beautifully! Brooke’s hair and makeup looked absolutely gorgeous, and we could just feel all the glowing motherhood magic as we caught the last moments of sunlight filtering through the cacti. I love having a few moments with mama’s alone at their maternity sessions. It gives you time to just breathe, soak in this amazing season of life, and cherish the way you look as you grow your precious baby. These are often my favorite images from sessions. I notice the tension of the day slips away, and mama’s can just feel beautiful. That’s what I see in Brooke. Her beauty. The miracle of life. Her love for her babies and husband. Her soaking in the blessings before her.

When we walked back to the rest of the family, the kids thought their mommy looked SO pretty! They wanted a few more images with her before they said goodbye. It was so cute! Mommy+Daddy snuggled as the kids ran around and stopped to give their baby brother bump some love, too!

To the Alexander Family,

Thank you so much for choosing me to capture these precious memories of your growing family! You guy’s are so loving with one another, it was so touching to see! Brooke, I am so excited for you to be a fellow mama of three! I already know you are going to do amazing during labor and birth! Your babies are SO loved, and I have no doubt the big kids are going to be obsessed with baby brother! It will be the most heart melting, amazing experience to see their love for one another! Early congratulations on baby boy’s arrival! I can’t wait to see you announce when he is here; so that I can cheer you on, and ooh-ahh over how cute he is! Big Hugs!!

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Photography | Trisha Rose Photography

Hair+Makeup | Lizzy C

Dresses provided by my client closet

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