A Flagstaff Arizona Maternity Session

A Flagstaff, Arizona Maternity Session

Arizona Maternity Photographer

The H Family

Maternity session in Flagstaff Arizona, cream and neutral color palette, forest maternity session

Summer in Flagstaff is truly so beautiful! The H family is expecting their second baby, due this July. If you are from Arizona, then you know.. Summer can be a bit…WARM. So having their family Maternity session up in the cool pines of Northern Arizona was absolutely perfect!

Tiffany chose a beautiful neutral color palette, which I absolutely LOVED with the green of the pines as a backdrop! With tall, soft grass, and wildflowers, it was truly a magical location!

Her firstborn, Landon, was so precious, going on an adventure with his daddy, picking his mama a wildflower bouquet! I mean, is there anything sweeter? Well, possibly, because when she picked him up, he SO sweetly cupped her face in his little chubby toddler hands and gave her a kiss. HEART.MELTING.

The H family are excitedly awaiting the arrival of their newest bundle of love, a little girl! Her name is Raelynn, and big brother Landon says it SO cutely!

One of my favorite parts of their session was just watching the way they interact as a family. Landon is such a spunky little guy, with a huge dash of sweetness! From collecting wildflowers for mama, giving her allllll the loves, to exploring the forest, and skipping rocks with daddy in the lake, he was such a happy guy! Plus, he told me all about how they were camping in the “twayloooor”, and it was truly adorable!

When taking a few pictures of Tiffany by her self, her boys watched from over my shoulder, and her husband Troy was telling Landon “wow, look how pretty your mommy is bud!” I love when families have a few minutes to just soak in this season of life during their session.

The busyness of toddlerhood.

The excitement of awaiting baby sisters arrival.

The bittersweet part, knowing you have loved this stage of parenting and mothering your first baby so much, and you aren’t really sure how things will change once your newest love arrives.

Will your relationship with your first born, change? Will you have enough love to go around? Will my husband and I have time again for one another? These are thoughts that all parents and mama’s have as they cherish the stage of life they are in so much, and simultaneously cannot wait for the one to come! While these questions are some that you must live through to truly believe how beautiful the new chapter to come is, I know you will be amazing parents through it!

I am so excited for your growing family. I can’t wait for you to see Landon in his role as big brother. For your hearts to melt when you see both of them together, and the love THEY will share! There is truly nothing better!

Tiffany, you are such a stunning mama! I have loved watching you grow into the mother you are today, and will be cheering you on as you mother two sweet littles loves, soon! You have a wonderful partner by your side!

Thank you for the honor of photographing these memories of your growing family! It’s extra special seeing my nephew loving on my soon to arrive niece in there!!

Lakeside Maternity Session in Flagstaff Arizona forest
Flagstaff Arizona Maternity Session, son picking mama flowers in the forest
Maternity Session in Flagstaff Arizona forest
Arizona Maternity Session by the Lake in the forest of Flagstaff Arizona
Flagstaff Arizona Maternity Session in the forest and pines
Flagstaff Arizona Maternity Session in the forest, family maternity session
Flagstaff Arizona Forest Maternity Session with neutral color palette
Flagstaff Arizona Forest Family and Maternity Session
Lakeside maternity session in the pines of Flagstaff Arizona
Flagstaff Arizona Forest Maternity Session
Flagstaff Arizona Forest Maternity session in the wildflowers

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