A Snowy Winter Engagement Session, Flagstaff Arizona


Flagstaff, Snowy Engagement session in the pines and aspen tree's

Amanda and Josh’s Flagstaff, Arizona Engagement Session was a true Winter Wonderland! The beautiful White Aspen Tree’s, and the fresh, pure snow mixed with the bold beauty of the Forest Pines made for a perfect Engagement Photography Session backdrop.

Sometime’s your soulmate is already in your life, but you don’t know it yet…

Amanda told the story of how she and Josh began dating. They already knew of each other in passing; She used to stop by after her shifts, and bring her dad Donuts to his work. She had seen him there, and they occasionally would say hello, but nothing more… Later, she matched Josh on Tinder. They realized the connection when He saw a photo of her dad on her laptop- and it all came together. What a small world, to see the man you will marry and not even know it until you meet him a different way!

After 6 years of dating, Josh totally surprised Amanda and proposed. He took her out on a hike in Flagstaff, overlooking beautiful views of Sedona, and asked her to marry him. She didn’t suspect a thing! Their friends were on the hike with them, and snapped some pictures of the epic proposal! This made having their Engagement session up in Flagstaff even more meaningful to them! Oh, and do you SEE THE RING!? Oh my gosh-So pretty!

It is so fun having a couple in front of the camera that has been together for a while. It’s like they’re best friends, and also still giddy in love.

Flagstaff had gotten a few snow storms before their session; making the walk to the Aspen tree’s an adventure! Josh led Amanda through a gorgeous meadow, sometimes strolling easily, and other times sinking 3 feet deep at random! They were laughing the whole time, and were just so much fun together! From piggy back rides, to sinking in the snow, snuggly winter kisses and just pure joy, their Engagement session was the absolute best way to begin 2023!

We headed back to the car for a quick outfit change to their formal attire- and WOW *INSERT FIRE EMOJI*, Amanda’s dress was absolutely Stunning! The deep red jewel tone’s just popped so beautifully off the white snow, and white Aspen tree’s!

It was so serene with the sun setting, and the beautiful even lighting in the forest. The snow makes the sounds of the world more muffled, leading to pure peaceful bliss. They soaked in the beauty of the forest, and their love for one another. A truly magical end to their session!

I cannot wait to celebrate their love with them during their Fall 2023 wedding at Colby Falls here in Gilbert, Arizona!

Amanda and Josh,

Thank you so much for the honor of photographing your love story for you! I am beyond excited to celebrate you both this Fall!! I already know your Wedding day will be filled with joy and love and laughter!

Engagement session in the Snow in Flagstaff Arizona
Snow filled Engagement session in Flagstaff
Arizona Engagement session in the Snow of Flagstaff
Snow filled Engagement session in Flagstaff Arizona Pines
Engagement Session in Flagstaff Arizona after a fresh Snow
Snowy Flagstaff Engagement Session, Winter Engagement Session
Flagstaff Arizona Engagement Session in the Snow with pops of red and grey outfits
Winter Engagement Session in Flagstaff Arizona
Winter Engagement Session in Flagstaff Arizona Snow

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