Barre 3 North Peoria, Community Event

The Power of Community Collaboration: Barre3’s community event brings together businesses from diverse industries, fostering collaboration and mutual support for the Peoria, Arizona Community. Branding Photos of this event taken by Trisha Rose Photography

Barre 3 in the Park is an event that the community looks forward to every year! 2023’s Barre3 in the Park event was hosted at Paloma Community Park by Barre3 North Peoria branch. Hosting not only a fun and engaging Barre3 work out, the community also had the opportunity to meet other local businesses ranging from aesthetics, to wellness, and retail! There’s a reason this event is always so popular and so much fun to attend!

As the curtains draw on Barre3’s 2023 community event in Peoria, Arizona, the echoes of collaboration, wellness, and branding continue to reverberate throughout the local business landscape. This transformative experience serves as a testament to the power of community and the limitless potential that arises when businesses come together with a shared vision to serve their community.

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Brands in attendance at 2023 Barre3 in the park

Barre3 North Peoria (Host)

Haus by Hartman Haus

Stretch Lab Lake Pleasant

Agave Aesthetics

Desert Sage BodyWork

Desert Dapple Co

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