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Ever wonder how Massage Therapy Brand Photos look so serene, and natural, even when the rooms are windowless and dark? I will tell you the secret, and show you a real brand serving Surprise Arizona, Miller Massage Therapy!

So, you want serene, calming, and true to you brand photos as an aesthetics or massage therapy Brand- here are my 4 best tips!

  1. Have a model come for your session. One that feels confident, and is willing to have the services you want to showcase done.
  2. Showcase the services you want to perform more of with clients. This lets them see what they are missing, and you can use these types of images to educate about the service, promote a new service offering, or just as a stock type photo for openings!
  3. Make a shot list. I do this with all of my brands that I photograph, so that we can get the key images you need. This often times means doing shortened services on your model to get “the shot”, and moving on to the next “set”.
  4. Don’t be afraid of using your space, even if it’s dark and not ideal lighting because…we. can. use. flash. AND it will still feel soft, and natural. Every single image from Miller Massage’s brand session that was indoors, we used flash!

There you have it! My 4 best tips for planning your service based Brand Photos in your storefront space!

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