Leighton’s 1 Year Session & Birth Story! | Papago Park

Leighton’s 1 Year Cake Smash Session & Birth Story! | Papago Park

It’s been a year since she was born. Plenty of time has gone by to write her birth story, but I never felt like it was time. That’s exactly how I felt about her birth too. I denied I was in labor. I pretended I was fine, and drove myself to work, knowing I’d need the distraction, if the contractions were “real” this time. You see, I work as a labor and delivery nurse, so I’d know when it is time and when it isn’t, right? 

I worked through my contractions, without really mentioning them to anyone. But they all knew. I mean, we watch women labor, support them, and encourage them everyday, as a career! As time went on during our 12 hour shift, my contractions starting getting closer together. My husband, was thoroughly annoyed that I went to work. He didn’t understand why I couldn’t just “be a normal person and stay home while you’re maybe in labor”. But I knew I would over think things, doubt myself, deny that I should have the dream birth I wanted this time, because why would I? It didn’t work the way I planned for my first born. These thought’s creep in to every pregnant woman’s mind, I know. Especially pregnant nurses- we believe in a thing called “the nurse curse”, where anything that can go wrong, will, because we know too much, or something of the sort. 

I was also in self doubt mode for a lot of my pregnancy, since this time I REALLY wanted a natural child birth, and I REALLY wanted a VBAC. I planned everything to the best of my ability. I found a very supportive doctor, and a team of midwives, who encouraged me my whole pregnancy, and later, delivery. I found an amazing doula, Kelly, that also talked me through my what if’s? Can I’s? Do I deserve it’s? I had an amazing group of coworkers, cheering me on, and laboring with me at work. One of my gal pals, Courtney, even walked laps around our large unit with me to help my labor along. 

I got to deliver the patient I had that day around noon. She delivered so fast, even the doctor didn’t make it. So a few of my nurse friends helped me out and caught her baby with me. When he did arrive, (he was only down the hall- that’s how fast she delivered), he looked at me and said “You havin’ a baby today too?”

It must have been obvious!

Shortly after my sweet patient’s delivery, I was forced to go home by the charge nurse, and my nurse friends. My contractions were now every 5 minutes. The 40 minute drive home is one I’ll never forget. That was tough!!!!

I made my husband pick our 2 year old son up, because the thought of not seeing him, or snuggling him, or spending at least a few more precious minutes with him as my only baby, was unbearable. He was the sweetest to me while I labored at home. He gave me hugs, rubbed my arms and gave me kisses. When thing’s started to really pick up, I called my doula, Kelly. & My Mom. 

My mom came over to watch our son, my husband rubbed my back and talked me off the ledge until our doula arrived. My great friend, also a labor nurse, came over to support me too. When my doula arrived, she talked with my friend Whitney, and She quickly decided it was time to go in to the hospital. Because I was getting to the point of- uncontrollable- emotionally, and I’d probably never get in the car if I didn’t now.

My sweet husband drove us the longest 12 minutes of our lives to the hospital. I’m pretty sure I screamed the entire time, said a few bad words, and questioned his ability to take turns smoothly, and avoid bumps in the road…

We arrived, and our doula was waiting for us at the entrance. She had already called the midwife to tell her we were heading in. I had mentioned that I really wanted to labor in one of those big labor tubs so I could try to relax. After screaming my way through the emergency room, and up to labor and delivery, my husband and doula started getting the tub ready for use. My amazing midwife, Yvonne, arrived right as we did to my room. She was amazing at supporting me. She knew exactly what to say to calm me down, helped me to get my mind in the right space and prepare to have a baby. She and Kelly had me stand at the side of the bed, and Yvonne squeezed my hips, rubbed my shoulders, and whispered calming, positive, encouraging words to me. & told me the best news of all,

It was time to have a baby!

Things were a little crazy for the last couple of minutes before Leighton’s arrival. The tub never even got to be fully unfolded or filled, the nurses weren’t able to start an IV yet (which, if you know labor nurses, we want an IV in high risk patients, like, yesterday), there was commotion in the room, trying to get things ready- because I had only arrived at the emergency entrance 20 minutes before I delivered Leighton. But during the craziness, all I could focus on was squeezing my husband’s hand. He was there beside me, we were going to meet our baby. 

We haven’t found out the gender of either of our children, until their birth. With Beckham, Micah got to look over the cesarean section curtain, and proudly tell me we had a boy!

With Leighton, I got to look down, and see for myself, and proudly tell him we had a daughter!

Her birth was fast, fearless, and looking back on it now, fun.

Which is exactly who she is.

Leighton Micah,

I love you more than you’ll ever know. I am so proud to be your mama. You teach me how to be a better woman, and mother to you and your brother every day. 

You bring us all so much joy.

Now excuse me, while I go cry and wonder how on earth time moves so quickly.

Location: Papago Park

Flower Crown: @ Flowers.Lovers

Gold Sequin + Ivory Lace Romper: @ Bailey’s Blossoms

Cake: Trisha Rose Photography

Photography: Trisha Rose Photography


Doula: Kelly Sunshine with Sunshine Doula Services

Midwives: Premier Care For Women


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