How To Capture Profesh looking Photo’s | With an IPhone!

How to Capture Profesh looking Photo’s | With an IPhone

You don’t have to be a professional photographer to have a dreamy instagram grid

or to capture sweet memories of your family.

or to promote your business.

While I am 100% for paying a professional for your yearly family photo’s, milestones in your life like your wedding, anniversaries, maternity sessions, birth & newborn.. it simply isn’t feasible to have one following you around, capturing every moment of life’s treasures for you.

So rather than keep thinking you can’t, I wanted to empower you with knowledge to get great photo’s, so you can cherish the day to day moments too!


It’s all about that light

Look for great light. Places near natural light work best. If you are indoors, find a spot with large windows & place your subject there. The more natural light, the better!! 

Finding light that is even on the subject & even in the background gives the best results.


Simple backgrounds keep your subject the center of attention. As they should be.

If there are distracting items in the background (indoor and outdoor) move them, if you can, and if you can’t, move your subject!!


Go for detail shots. Mixing your instagram grid with close up and panned out shots has an editorial feel to it. 

Photographing your kiddos? Grab some shots of their hands, feet, and dimples when they smile!

Photographing yourself (say, for a blog)? Get some detail shots of your outfit, the pretty buttons, lace, those shoes you just got that are to die for. 


Don’t forget the candids!

Silly giggles. The best!

Photo’s of you, just being mama. Treasure them!

A sweet shot of your kiddo on dad’s shoulders. Heart melting!

Your friends, family and followers will love to see candids. They’ll connect most with those, because they’re living those day to day moments too!


Learn how to do some quick edits!

You don’t need anything fancy! There are a few App’s you can use to edit photo’s on your phone, like VSCO.

Choose one to play around with, and once you find one you like, stick with it!

Try and use the same editing style for all your photo’s. This keeps your grid looking uniform and consistent. It’s pleasing to the eye. & super profesh looking! 😉

There ya have it! I hope this little how-to inspires you to start capturing those memories, and sharing them with the rest of us!!


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