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What does the term “Midwife” mean? 

The dictionary definition of a midwife is, “a person trained to assist women in childbirth”.

A Midwife is really so much more!

If you’ve ever worked with a midwife, been a patient of one, or are one yourself, you know this is true! Midwifery care is designed around looking at the whole of a woman. Guiding her pre-conception through post partum with optimum wellness in mind. Oftentimes counseling on proper nutrition, exercise, ways to get and keep your baby aligned in the optimal position for birth. They discuss ways to keep yourself healthy during pregnancy as well as post partum. Midwives work with you on your desires for birth, and respect women’s natural capability during this extremely special time.

The amazing thing about being a birthing mother right now is the options. You can now have a midwife in the hospital, see them prenatally, and also have the ability to see an Obstetrician if the need were to arise. All while seamless care is given.

Even better, is that midwifery isn’t just for women who want to labor naturally. Midwives are trained to assist with natural, unmedicated childbirth, and are often at your side to help with all the tools available, such as the birthing ball, squat bar, and peanut ball. But, if your plan all along was to have an epidural, that doesn’t mean you can’t still have a beautiful birth with your midwife.

Midwives empower women with education, give options for your birth, support you in your choices and respect your decisions.

It was such an honor to do a midwifery model of care shoot with our local Modern Day Midwife, Tracy Burns, CNM. 

She currently practices out of Estrella Women’s Health Center, and is delivering adorable babies at Banner Estrella Medical Center!

Her beautiful patient, Nicole, was such a great sport practicing all the positions she will soon be using when she delivers in the next month! 

My favorite part, is Tracy’s stunning smile, and genuine joy she exudes as she is helping Nicole with counter pressure, positioning, and even finding which way this sweet little babe was facing in utero, with Leopold’s! 

It is such a pleasure to work with you Tracy, and I am so unbelievably excited to watch you give phenomenal care to local Arizona mama’s on the daily!



Photography | Trisha Rose Photography

Midwifery Care | Modern Day Midwife, Estrella Women’s Health Center

Location | Banner Estrella Medical Center

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