3 Tips To Planning Your Summer Photography Session

3 Tips To Planning Your Summer Photography Session

It’s officially a bit…warm, here in Arizona, which means, SUMMER is here!

Many of my clients have the same questions and concerns regarding scheduling sessions in the Summer.

Can we even shoot outside?
What do I wear?
What should I bring?
Are there other location options?

I totally get it, it can be overwhelming thinking of photographing in the heat, so I thought it would be helpful to discuss some tips out for other’s wondering the same things!

Tip #1
If you want to have an outdoor session, opt for a Sunrise Session!

The light is just as dreamy as Sunset Sessions, there are tons of location options, plus it’s generally 20 degrees or more cooler outside! #winning
If you decide to shoot outside, it’s still important to bring lots of water! I always recommend to my clients to wear light colored, and light fabric clothing, and take breaks if you need it! Light colors keep the images looking and feeling fresh, airy, and timeless.
I also send all of my clients a complimentary Portrait Session Style Guide for even more tips about what looks great on camera, and how to prepare for your session!

Tip #2
Schedule your session at a natural light photography studio!

There are quite a few options local to the Phoenix area that have the absolute dreamiest light, Pinterest worthy white rooms, and it’s in the Air Conditioning! Studio rental fee’s vary per hour (currently $40-$80 session fee) depending on location.

Tip #3
Consider a lifestyle session, in your own home!

I wrote a previous blog post about how to rock an in home lifestyle shoot, which you can read here.
The perks to shooting in your own home are endless. It’s inside, you don’t have to travel, and they create really cozy, sweet images to cherish! Be sure to keep a look out for when the light is the best in your home in the room you want to have your photo’s done in, usually the Master Bedroom, and living room! Timing of the session will vary based on where your windows are in relation to the sun. Soft even light photographs best on camera, avoiding times of the day when large rays of sunshine are showing patches on your floors and walls.

Have any other questions for me? Let me know and I’ll get back to you!

Wanting to book your Summer Photography Session? Contact me here on my contact page, and we’ll get it on the calendar!

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