Callahan | 1 Month

He’s a month old already.

How did this happen so fast!?

I swear, every child’s life seems to go faster and faster after the first one!

He’s such a sweet baby. So relaxed. So happy.

He goes with the chaos of the day, and never complains.

Do you think they learn their environment while they’re still in the womb? Like he heard his siblings constant crazyness, and just realized that when he comes out, it’s madness so just be ready!

Either way, I am loving his gentle soul. He’s just what I needed, and really completes this family so perfectly!

I wanted to remember this stage of life, all the little details of who he is right now, because he’s changing so fast, and it’s bittersweet! So I’m soaking in all the lush dark hair, the teeny baby toes, and the sweet sweet eyelashes!

Babies are just so heavenly!

Sweet Baby Callahan :

Photography | Trisha Rose Photography


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