The Fetzers | Fall Minis

Guys. I seriously love my job.

It is soooo fun and humbling to photograph a family year after year.

This was my third year photographing the Fetzer family.

They were there with me in the beginning. My first year offering sessions, and figuring out how to use my camera.

They have stuck with me… and the feeling… it’s so so sweet!

The Fetzers are such a fun family! They are always willing to act silly, and do something a little different during their sessions.

One year, we photographed all the kids in their sports attire, another- we did a breakout of just Brooke, in her ballet shoes en pointe! This year, I put Brooke on the spot and had her do some ballet moves (in her regular shoes this time!) so I could capture her just being her! She’s such a sweet soul, and a true beauty!

The boys.

They’re Hockey players.

They’re so cool this year, I couldn’t even handle it..

(also noted, it’s probably not cool to say “cool” these days, but I’m old now, and so out of the loop, but you get what I’m saying).

The hair.

It was a big topic of discussion for me, because if I were a dude, I don’t think I could rock it like they are!

Ben and Shiela are such awesome parents, and every time I see them I try to soak in as much wisdom as they’ll pour into me. Parenting three kids is hard, two of theirs are TWINS, and the kids are only one grade apart… can you even imagine that in the baby and toddler years!?

They always say it was hard, but so rewarding now. The kids are best friends, and they’re in the stage of life where they feel like they can just enjoy their kids, and really love their personalities. The humans they’ve become. It makes me excited for the future, and not so eager to cling to the stage of parenting I’m in now.

To the Fetzers

Thank you for cheering me on, sticking by me, and choosing me to capture your family again this year!

And thank you for all the life lessons I learn through you, you truly make me a better parent and I’m so happy to know you!

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