How to Elope in Arizona | Arizona Elopement Photographer

How to Elope in Arizona | Arizona Elopement Photographer

Sedona Arizona picnic engagement session with stunning views

Congratulations on your decision to Elope in Arizona!!! You are likely now on the first step of planning your Elopement, and wondering what the rules are, and what locations are available to Elope here in our beautiful state of Arizona! I’m here to help clear up some of the most common questions, and guide you to your dream Elopement!

First; when!?

Decide when you want to Elope. As in, what season! This will help you decide where you will Elope.

Are you dreaming of Fall colors up in the pines? A Snowy backdrop? Cooler temps in Phoenix, with desert views? If you said yes to these, then I would recommend Eloping between Late September- Early February! Fall colors are at their prime in Northern Arizona in the early part of Fall, then the snowy mountain views come Late December-Early February! This is also a great time to Elope in the Desert, when the temp’s are enjoyable and it isn’t scorching out yet!

Is your ideal Elopement when you can feel the warmth on your skin? You want pine’s but not the snow, and fall colors aren’t your jam. Something about Summer that just calls to you? Then I would recommend Eloping between March-August! Summer temperatures here in the valley get pretty uncomfortable around May-September- so this would be a great time to head North! Sedona offers gorgeous views year round, with the added bonus of being a bit cooler than the Valley temps! Northern Arizona is also gorgeous in the Summer, and even has seasons with tall wild flowers, mountain views, and grassy landscapes. If your heart is set on a Summer Desert Elopement; Sunrise is a perfect time to Elope in the Desert! That glowy warmth from the sun is there, just as it is during sunset, and you get cooler weather! There are no rules when choosing when to Elope, so dream on!

arizona salt river elopement


Second; where?!

Now that you’ve decided which season you want to Elope, you can start looking at locations! There are different rules about Eloping in different areas. Some places, like the Grand Canyon, are national parks, and require permits. If you have your heart set on a specific location- be sure to inquire with them to find out their permitting and/or reservation requirements. This is also a great time to start reaching out to your photographer and Elopement Planner! They oftentimes know the local rules and regulations and can help you with getting permits and planning out the logistics!

Sedona arizona engagement session

Third; who?

You’ve chosen a date, and a location…Now it’s time to choose who your vendors are going to be! The top 3 vendors I would choose first are:

Your Photographer

Your Videographer

Your Elopement Planner

They will be able to help you plan out the rest of your Elopement with ease! Whether that’s helping narrow down your specific location, obtaining your permit, or recommending other vendors, these three are going to be your people!! If you need assistance finding a videographer or event planner, ask your Photographer! Photographer’s often have a list of amazing vendors that they have worked with before and can offer suggestions to you! The same goes with Planners and Videographers- so if you’ve found one of the key three, but not the others, don’t be afraid to ask!

Another who to consider; is your Elopement going to be just the two of you sans guests? Or are you going to have a small group of your favorite people there to witness? There’s no right or wrong answer here!

Arizona Styled Shoot Elopement Inspiraiton

Final Steps!

You’ve got the bulk of the planning done here! Woohoo! Now it’s on to dreaming the details of your Elopement! Finding a dress, hair+makeup artist, booking a florist, and deciding if you want any sort of decor, like a ceremony arch (if allowed at your location!). Then you just need to find your ordained officiant, and get your Arizona Marriage License! To get your Arizona Marriage License you must both apply in person, at the Justice Court office with a valid ID – you do NOT need to be Arizona Residents! There is no wait time once you get your license (meaning you can get married the very next day!), but it must be returned to the court within 30 days! Two witnesses, other than your officiant, must be there to witness and sign the Marriage License (hello photographer, videographer and planner 😉 !) & that’s it! Your officially ready to plan your Arizona Elopement!

If you are looking for an Elopement Photographer in Arizona, I would love the opportunity yo serve you and chat more! I’ve posted some links below to help you plan your Elopement, as well as your visit to Arizona!

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Here are a list of average Temperatures by month in the most common Arizona Locations:

Arizona Average Temperatures Arizona Temperature Ranges by Month Arizona Average Temps temperature averages in arizona Average Temps by month in Arizona

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