Immersive Elopement Experience | Arizona Desert Elopement Inspiration, Interview with Planner, Justine Fritz Weddings| Arizona Elopement Photographer

Immersive Elopement Experience | Arizona Desert Elopement Inspiration

Interview with Wedding Planner- Justine Fritz Weddings

Elegant Arizona Desert Elopement with Desert peach Picnic

Elegance meets boho picnic, overlooking a space where Desert Preserve intertwines with National Forest. Delicious Wine and Charcuterie. A charming and luxurious tablescape adorned with cozy seating. The Arizona Desert views were incredible. Miles and miles of open desert and towering saguaros. The birds chirping, the breeze rustling through the trees, and the couple, sweetly adorable!

It’s no secret that 2020 lead many couples to rethink their Wedding plans, and wonder, why not Elope instead?

If you find yourself in these shoes, or have always dreamed of an Elegant Elopement with Epic Views, and spending all day with the one you love… then this blog is for you!

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There are really no limits to your Elopement.

Dream up a day with your fiance that speaks to you! There is absolutely no reason why your Elopement should not be a full day experience. Rent an air bnb, camp in a tent, stay at a swanky hotel…Wake up together and enjoy the sunrise. Enjoy some breakfast bites and mimosas. Your hair and makeup team can join you, to make all your Elopement dreams come true, and have you feeling your best. Enjoy the slow pace of the day. Soaking in every single moment. Head to your Elopement location when you’re ready. Be it a beautiful desert landscape here in Phoenix, Arizona, the towering red rocks of Sedona, the beautiful sand dunes, or the pines in Northern AZ. Take your time getting there and soak in the scenery. Allow time for hiking, stopping to enjoy mother nature.

When you arrive, sit down to a beautiful cliffside picnic with Wine and Charcuterie. Enjoy each other’s company. Listen to your favorite music, dance a little, or a lot. When you’re ready, change into your wedding dress (or wear it all day, this is your day girlfriend), and head to the location you envision saying I do, with the love of your life.  Pop the champagne and capture some epic husband and wife portraits. The kind filled with gorgeous glowy light, heart felt smiles, and l o v e.

Sit down for an Elegant dinner, a fancy setup with the wilderness as your backdrop. Celebrate your love. Think about the memories of the day. Dance some more. Eat your favorite dessert. When you feel the day is done, head back to wherever you are calling home, together.

That’s what I want for you. To have the day you deserve, with the love of your life. With no worries about planning out the logistics. I want you to relax, and simply take in your day. The best day.

I wanted to give my couples an inside look at how to have an Elopement day that is as unique as their love. A stress free, immersive Elopement Experience.

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About the Editorial

Nestled between a Desert Preserve and Tonto National Forest, this private Estate offered a one of a kind Elopement Experience Immersed in Nature. The perfect mix of raw nature, and elegant pops of color. A high end and editorial feel intertwined with towering Saguaros and mountain views. Designed by Justine Fritz Weddings to give viewers that think beyond the traditional Wedding , and opt for a high end Elopement instead. This styled Elopement Experience will appeal to even the most elegant bride. The team wanted to create a design that brought in classic elements, feminine color tones, and highlight the beauty of Eloping in Nature.

Desert Peach AZ created a stunning picnic experience overlooking Tonto National Forest. Adorned with beautiful floral design, and elegant charcuterie and wine by Super Edible Events and Samantha Sommelier, respectively. The intimate picnic was sure to make any bride swoon. The lovely, bar and boho chic set up was the perfect way for the couple to celebrate their vows with a pop of champagne, and portraits nestled on the styled, cozy boho rug. The fine dining set up by Event Rents AZ, overlooking the Desert Preserve, were dinner views most could only dream of. Adorned with beautiful stationary by The Paper Lab, each guest had a though provoking gratitude quote to take in as they dined on the most luxurious Charcuterie board.

The bride and groom chose to wear two outfits as they were guided through their immersive dining experience. A more relaxed dress with boho vibes and a classic black pinstripe tux. For the second half of the evening they changed to their formal wear to say their vows, celebrate, and enjoy the mountain views as the sun set.

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Interview with Arizona Wedding Planner, Justine Fritz Weddings

I wanted to bring in another expert in Elopements to answer some questions! An amazingly talented, and down to earth local Arizona Wedding Planner, Justine Fritz Weddings. She worked with me on this gorgeous Elopement day, and I just knew I had to share all her knowledge with all of you! She so graciously agreed to let me interview her, so that we can help guide you to planning your Elopement Experience!

“Hi Justine! It was such a pleasure to work with you on this Elegant Immersive Desert Elopement Experience! I am so grateful you are here today to chat with me about planning an Elopement Experience! What would you say is the first step to planning an Elopement Experience?”

 JF: “As with all weddings, one of the first decision is guest count. Many elopements are actually intimately sized weddings that include 2 witnesses or close family. With your guest count in mind, we can find your ideal wedding location and identify how to apply your budget.”

“I love that! If a couple is considering having an Elopement Experience immersed in Nature, can you explain a little bit about the steps that you as a planner take to ensure that the couple has a stress free planning experience?”

JF: “It might seem the simple solution to runaway to a secluded beach or a remote mountain top but logistically these types of weddings take careful planning and the help of a professional is key here. Elopements in nature appear effortless, but the best ones, have a small team of vendors making sure every detail is taken care of so you can enjoy your dream day! Eloping outside means working with Mother Nature, and having a desirable plan B that your planner can implement without skipping a beat.”

“I totally agree! I believe all couples would benefit greatly by hiring an amazing planner like yourself. It just ensure’s that their day goes as planned, without them every having to think about anything other than enjoying their day together! Lastly, can you describe an Elopement Experience from a planner’s perspective? Such as, things you would be doing behind the scenes on the day of to ensure the couple has the best day ever!? And maybe a little bit about what is different when planning an Elopement Experience vs a Traditional Wedding?”

JF: “When wedding days are super intimate or remote, I just don’t have the same sized staff to work with as I would for a more traditional sized wedding. Therefore, I often play the role of onsite planner, florist, photography assistant, sommelier, matron of honor and ceremony witness, just to name a few!

The most beautiful wedding scenes are often the most remote; I want to stress the importance of the Leave No Trace principles. With so many more visitors to our public lands, I lead by example by limiting our waste, cleaning up after my events and leaving these locations better than we found them.”

“Planners are truly so immensely helpful! While the moving pieces of an Elopement Experience are quite different from a traditional Wedding day, you are so right that there is still a lot of behind the scenes work to ensure all the pieces fit perfectly!

Thank you again so much for chatting with me today, and shedding some light on Elopement Experiences! It was such an honor to work with you on the beautiful Immersive Elopement Experience here in the Arizona Desert!”

JF: “Elopements are no longer just a way to get married fast or in secret. I’m planning micro weddings that rival in style those of much larger weddings. With a smaller guest count, luxury is within reach for more couples and wedding days are turning into wedding weekends and extended honeymoons! Elopements, micro weddings, intimate weddings, or adventure elopements, whatever you want to call them, they are just another way couples can express their unique vision and have the wedding day of their dreams.”

I hope hearing from Justine Fritz, our Elopement Planning expert, as well as from me helps you with your Elopement Planning!

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Vendor Team

Photography| Trisha Rose Photography

Planning| Justine Fritz Weddings

Stationary| The Paper Lab

Rentals| Event Rents AZ

Picnic| Desert Peach AZ

Bar+Beverage| Samantha Sommelier

Catering| Super Edible Events

Cinema| Alyssa Feeser Creative

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