Desert Hot Air Balloon Maternity Session | Amy

Amy’s Hot Air Balloon Maternity Session in the Desert

Hot Air Expeditions Balloons and Desert Gown Pink Maternity Session

I know you’ve all been waiting for this, and SO HAVE I!!!

Photographing Amy’s Maternity Session surrounded by gorgeous Hot Air Balloons, and dreamy light dripping around her was a literal dream come true!!!

She looked absolutely stunning in her pink gown from Desert Gowns. Perfectly fitting, as Amy is expecting her third little baby, and first GIRL, this Fall!

I don’t think it was coincidence that the light shone so brightly, wrapping her in warmth and glow. Just read this sweet excerpt from her social media post about their daughter’s name:

“Her name is Alina Brielle. ✨

It’s kind of always been her name. 🥰 This was the first girl name Brandon and I both loved 6 years ago when we got pregnant with Luke. And we’ve loved it ever since!

Alina means “bearer of light” and “illustrious”. Her name is also a nod to my sister/BFF Alex since one of her nicknames will be Ali. My favorite scripture is Matthew 5:16, “let your light so shine…” And Luke’s name also means “light”. ✨✨

Brielle comes from the feminine form of the archangel Gabriel and means “God is my strength”. Not only do we love how it sounds with Alina but we chose it to represent a dream my mom had when I was only a month old. She dreamt that she met her granddaughter and in her dream her name was Angel. I grew up hearing about that dream and how my mom knew one day I’d have her (even when I thought we were done after having 2 boys).

I’m a romantic who can find meaning in anything, so it was only right that I have these long explanations for each of our baby names. 

We already call her Ali and Lina since we are big on nicknames in our family!”

Hot Air Expeditions Balloon Maternity Session with pink gown Pink Desert Gown Maternity Session in hot air balloons Hot air balloon Maternity Session in Phoenix Arizona Hot Air Expeditions Maternity Session in the Desert, Pink Gown Hot Air Balloon Maternity Session in the Desert with Pink Gown Phoenix Arizona Maternity Session with Hot Air Balloons in the Desert with Pink Gown

Now when I look at these images, it gives them that much more meaning with all the beautiful light shining through the delicate tulle of the gown, almost wrapping Amy in a loving, warm embrace.

I am beyond excited for the Pro Fam to meet their sweet daughter. She’s been long awaited, and is already so loved and celebrated!

We could not have asked for a better experience for her session. It was a fun adventure for us! We were up well before the sun, and followed the hot air balloon team out to the launch site. We got out of the car and it was GO time! Amy put on her gown like a super model, and quite literally stole the show! The hot air balloons are a magnificent sight, especially with the amazing sunrise light as they launched. But, riders of the balloons all cheered Amy on and told her how pretty she looked as I snapped away behind the camera wildly with a HUGE smile on my face!

After the Balloon’s were well out of sight, we still had an amazing morning glow and insane desert views! It was truly the best backdrop to showcase her bump, and gown!

After the session we rode together and got a Starbucks, of course 😉

Amy, I am so excited for you and your sweet fam to meet Baby Alina Brielle! I just love the meaning of her name, and the story you told! I had so much fun with you capturing these sweet memories of your growing baby girl! I can’t wait for you to show her the beauty that the two of you are in these images! Thank you for trusting me with a crazy idea, and an adventure!! Sending you so much love and prayer as you prepare for birth, and meeting the newest love of your lives, earthside! You are going to do amazing! xo

Maternity Session with Hot Air Balloons in Phoenix Arizona with Pink Gown Maternity Session Desert Gown with Hot Air Expedition Balloons Hot Air Balloons for Maternity Session in Phoenix Arizona Desert, Pink Gown Maternity Session Surrounded by Hot Air Balloons in Phoenix Arizona, Pink Desert Gown Maternity Session with Hot Air Expedition Balloons in Desert Gown Pink Hot Air Balloons In Phoenix Arizona Maternity Session in Pink Gown Desert Maternity Session in Phoenix Arizona, Hot Air Expeditions and Desert Gowns Desert gowns pink gown for desert Maternity session


Photography | Trisha Rose Photography

Gown | Desert Gowns

Hot Air Expeditions

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