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Extended Family Photo Grouping Ideas

Wondering what groupings you should consider for your Extended Family Photos? In this blog I am going to break down groupings I typically do in my client’s family photos as well as add in a few other ideas for you!

Traditional Family Portrait: Gather the entire extended family together for a classic group shot. We often do this first, while the littlest members of the family are excited!

Generational Groupings: Organize the family into smaller groups based on generations. For example, have grandparents seated in the center with their children and grandchildren standing or sitting around them.

Grandparents and Grandchildren: A favorite of all extended family sessions!

Sibling Groupings: Capture special moments between siblings within the extended family. 

Couples and Partners: Photograph couples and partners within the extended family separately, and don’t forget grandparents!!

Individual Family Units: Highlight individual family units within the extended family by photographing them separately. This allows each family to have their moment in the spotlight and capture their unique dynamics.

Parent-Child Pairings: Showcase the special relationship between parents and their children by grouping them together for heartwarming poses. Encourage natural interactions such as hugs, kisses, or playful moments.

Child Individuals: A great time to snag an updated solo photo of your little’s!

Remember to communicate with your photographer beforehand to discuss your vision and preferences for the extended family photo session. They can provide guidance on posing, composition, and creative ideas to ensure that your groupings reflect the unique spirit and dynamics of your family. Take into consideration the age of the children, and oldest family members, or those with different abilities when choosing the timing, location, and amount of groupings. I hope this helps you as you are planning your Extended family session!

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